Watch this video to learn how to develop power and explosiveness by throwing a medicine ball for the over hand right.

The overhand right is a popular punch in MMA, especially among wrestlers.

The idea behind the strike is to throw as much as your weight into an arcing punch as possible. The overhand is usually used to attack taller fighters, although it can still be landed effectively against fighters of equal height

The main reason that the overhand right is so popular for wrestlers is that it allows them to close the distance with a strike. Since all of their weight is already coming forward from the punch, they can clinch up immediately afterward and initiate a takedown. Because of this, it is advised that you move for an underhook with your left arm just as you land the overhand. Don't leave your head open as you throw the punch; instead, change levels and stay covered up until you're close enough to tie your opponent up.

How can Medicine Ball Exercises Help Build Explosiveness?

Medicine ball exercises can help improve your dynamic flexibility and help increase your overall range of motion. By increasing your range of motion, you are able to incorporate more muscle fibers in your muscle building routines, allowing you to build muscle faster.
Another way that medicine balls allow you to build muscle faster is by helping to increase your explosiveness. Training for explosiveness is called plyometric training. By incorporating some plyometric exercises in your workout plans, you will increase the amount of weight you can handle. The more weight you can lift, the more muscle fibers that are used, which leads to increased muscle mass.
The medicine ball is an easy way to incorporate resistance training into your abdominal workouts.
Finally, medicine balls are a creative (and cheap) way to add resistance to your home workout routines when no other weights are available.

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